Thirsty Boyz Cup


Following the last league event in August, the 24 members with the most points, and 4 alternates, will be invited to play in the Thirsty Boyz Cup. Two teams of 12 players each will compete over four weeks for the honor of having their names engraved on the Thirsty Boyz Cup trophy. Team captains will be the Head Golf Professional and the Assistant Golf Professional. If one of these positions is vacant then the team captains will be the top two point leaders at the close of the regular season. Players making a team for their first time may not be a captain. Team captains must submit their pairings sheet by noon on the Monday before each event.


Two person team matches will be played the first three weeks, with a singles event the last week. All events will be played as match play. There will be a total of 30 matches scored, so the first team to earn 15.5 points will be crowned the victor. In case of a tie, the winning team will be decided by the alternate matches. If the alternate matches also end in a tie, the Cup will be awarded to the defending champions.


Each invitee must pay a $50.00 event fee, which is due by the Boo-Ya! Championship held at the end of September. Event fees do not include greens fees. As a reward for making the team, all team members will receive gifts of golf apparel or the like. Each player on the winning team will receive a $50.00 cash bonus.



How To Earn Points (March - August)


Participation - Players will earn 5 points for completing a league round.


Thirsty Boyz Team Nasseau - 20 points for winning the front nine. 20 points for winning the back nine. 40 points for winning the overall. All points are split between team members.


Thirsty Boyz Individual Net - 20 points per player are added into a pool. Points are awarded based on how players finish against the field.


Thirsty Boyz Skins - Each skin will be worth 10 points.


Closest To The Pin - 10 points per CTP.


Thirsty Boyz Birdies - Players will earn 1 point for each net birdie during league play.


Thirsty Boyz Eagles - Players will earn 2 points for each net eagle or better during league play.


Thirsty Boyz Ace - Players who record a gross hole in one during league play will earn 100 points.


Roger Levasseur Memorial - A 500 point pot will be split amongst teams depending on how they finish.